Underbelly (Brooklyn Bridge)

CNV00005My last trip to New York was an analogue affair. I set out each day with my old OM10 slung over my shoulder loaded with HP5. Not for a long time had I carried a film camera with no digital counterpart tucked away in my bag (where it couldn’t damage that oh-so-fashionable retro camera look). And the anxiety I felt! It took some time to identify the cause of the deep unease I felt as I explored the island of Manhattan.

With less than 50 frames to shoot and a whole city to explore my early captures took far too long as I fussed over composition, exposure, focus. I soon got into the swing of things however, and this shot somewhat makes up for the fact that I was wandering lost, unable to decide whether to commit to the trip over Brooklyn bridge as the biting wind tested my inadequate clothing.


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