Hi, I’m Dan.

I am thirty-something, and I work in financial services technology, passionately leading teams of talented people who work hard every day to deliver banking solutions which make it easier for companies to be successful. My professional profile is on LinkedIn.

I love cities and the built environment. I believe sustainability should be at the top of everybody’s agenda, and that we can overcome many sustainability challenges by being better at living together. Check out my blog at Fjellfolk, where I occasionally write about topics at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and futures thinking.

I consider myself a photographer, because I enjoy taking photographs. I use the Olympus M43 system and I love it, but for landscapes use a Canon 6D. I can’t let go of my Olympus OM10, but rarely shoot more than a roll or two per year. Find me on Instagram.

Another hobby is crafting of wallets and other leather goods. It’s an artistic outlet and it is therapeutic. You can find my stuff available to buy here.