RIP eeePC 701

It is with great sadness that I inform you all that my Asus eeePC 701 has finally exhaled it’s last 7-inch breath, wheezing under the weight of the many superfluous processes running on it’s aging LinuxMint installation.  Please join me in thanking it for many years of service – it really did punch well above it’s weight.

Of course we shouldn’t dwell – enter the Asus eeePC R101.  One year on from the theft of the Gateway netbook I purchased in New York, this pocketable(-ish) wonder is riding on my back everywhere I go, allowing me to progress my pet projects in any downtime I might find.  It is no deluxe model, in fact it is as basic as they come, but it’s now dual booting Ubuntu Netbook (with Unity interface) and Windows 7.  I’ve been developing a client’s site (django) on it under the Ubuntu installation and it’s a joy to use.  I guess one benefit of spending years with a 7-inch screen and underpowered Celeron processor is that the bar is set low for subsequent purchases…

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