Lucy and I have bought a cat! Yep. His name is Frankie, and he’s a jet black moggy. Some heartless people in Frankie’s past left him without home or love, and he turned up at the ‘Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’ where the right kind of people helped him find a home. With us! Frankie is a bit nuts, and we’ve attributed this to his past, where no doubt he took fox attacks in his stride as he broke feline hearts in every town. He’s quite the explorer, and is struggling to deal with the indoor lifestyle we’re forcing upon him for these first few weeks – he needs to get to know the place before we let him outside… He’s already escaped once, through an open window, and now will not stop moaning about how much he wants to get some fresh air. I’ll be uploading some photos soon so you can all get to know Mr Frank.

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