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Evening Photo Walk

I was inspired to get out and take some photos in the crisp evening air of Copenhagen in December. Just days away from the winter solstice, it is dark by 3.30pm, and by 10pm when I took to the streets, it is pitch black. Small groups of locals gathered on benches and corners holding tins […]

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Morocco 2007

I had a choice when packing for this short trip to Morocco in 2007: pack my beloved OM10, knowing that the likelihood of losing or breaking it in the dense crowds of Essaouira’s annual Gnawa music festival were high, or try to get by using just the camera on my phone, a Sony k800. Reminding […]


Night Shooting on Portra 400 with the Olympus OM10

Armed with tripod and trusty old OM10 I spent a cold evening in the streets around my home shooting long exposures. Portra 400 did well, yielding some nice colours and exposing consistently whether under- or over-exposed. I was impressed with the accuracy of the Lux light meter app on my iPhone – on all but […]

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A rainy November commute

One reason I love the Olympus m43 cameras, specifically the EM5, is the size. I can carry this camera in my bag every day, and should I feel inspired by the light, my surroundings, or simply have some excess creative energy, I can pour that energy into photography without the pressure one feels when specifically […]