Lucy and I have bought a cat! Yep. His name is Frankie, and he's a jet black moggy. Some heartless people in Frankie's past left him without home or love, and he turned up at the 'Battersea Dogs and Cats Home' where the right kind of people helped him find a home. With us! Frankie [...]


The moment we've all been waiting for? It seems to be official - there will be a fourth Fast and Furious movie! A little backstory... Any of you who know me will know how much I love the first in this (lately disappointing) series of films, not in a small part due to the part [...]

An Update!

Yes, I'm aware a blog should be updated more regularly than this. Last night the family (Mum, Amy, Georgie and myself) spent the afternoon and evening in London. Very enjoyable indeed! We started in the shadow of the London eye, eating some tasty sandwiches (thanks Amy) and people watching. As usual, Southbank was playing host [...]