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Bexhill Skate Park Community Campaign

The skate park at Bexhill leisure centre, now earmarked for demolition, has an incredibly passionate and vibrant community of riders and skaters. The skate park is in desperate need of renovation – several accidents and near misses due to the state of the ramps and concrete occurred during the shooting of these photos. And with […]

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Vote with your head and your heart

The Tories very deliberately pitch themselves as the thinking voter’s party. The party of the head, not the heart. So why is it that many indicators suggest that those who are proactively engaging in the democratic process – with their heads, not their hearts – lean left?

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He strode past me before breaking unexpectedly into a run

Last Saturday I enjoyed a long, gentle walk along, over, around and across the south downs. Starting at Hassocks I traced a meandering perimeter around my home town of Brighton, enjoying unexpectedly bright weather and the gentle teasing chill of the first winds of winter. I was followed down from Hassocks to Clayton by a […]


History: Art or Science

At the dinner table, on the veranda in Spain, we discussed a question which I was pondering: “Is historical study an art or a science?” I’m aware that there is no answer to this somewhat pointless question, and after a few false starts during which we established this fact we had a lively discussion, primarily […]

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We found a teddy bear in a church. Two young girls, selling their old toys and books for charity. We had stumbled across the church on a Sunday stroll. The sun was high and warm, with a strong coastal breeze. It stood, imposingly large , and we ducked in for the shade. Artists were using […]

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First Night in Brighton

So we had our first night there. I have woken with a slight headache, ear-ache and sore throat so I am feeling a bit off-balance.  But those are caused, as I well know, by a sleepless night. And not our new home in central Brighton. My mother calls it our subterranean control centre. I think […]

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Retail banking can and should be better

The Vickers’ report has been praised for highlighting the importance of competition between high street banks. The report suggests it should be easier to switch accounts, via a system which is “free of risk and cost to customers”. It also suggests the industry should be referred for a competition investigation in 2015. What the report […]

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“It was Enoch Powell meets Alan Partridge”

One week on from the riots and vandalism which turned London on its head, and figures from across the political spectrum are scrambling to offer their explanations for the disruptions.  Miliband & Cameron are busy drawing battle lines in the political tussle for public favour post-riots; meanwhile the Police are continuing to plough resources into […]

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Morning Musings

I thought getting a kitten would keep me company. I already have a cat who is still only young but old enough to want to sleep all day. The idea of the kitten was that our cat could have someone to play with while we were at work. Except that I was not at work […]

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Laptop Theft

If you’re the guy who stole my laptop and contents of my laptop bag last night (18/5/10) please could I have my Moleskin notebook back? It has only sentimental value and I’ll even pay you to return it… Thanks.