Lucy Musings


We found a teddy bear in a church. Two young girls, selling their old toys and books for charity. We had stumbled across the church on a Sunday stroll. The sun was high and warm, with a strong coastal breeze. It stood, imposingly large , and we ducked in for the shade. Artists were using […]

Lucy Musings Random

First Night in Brighton

So we had our first night there. I have woken with a slight headache, ear-ache and sore throat so I am feeling a bit off-balance. ┬áBut those are caused, as I well know, by a sleepless night. And not our new home in central Brighton. My mother calls it our subterranean control centre. I think […]

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Morning Musings

I thought getting a kitten would keep me company. I already have a cat who is still only young but old enough to want to sleep all day. The idea of the kitten was that our cat could have someone to play with while we were at work. Except that I was not at work […]